September 2012

We are happy to present the new GRAND models S420N, S420NS, S420NL. These models are extending the new generation of GRAND RIBs in SILVER LINE range: S370N, S420N, S470N. The main philosophy of this model is: economy and practical design lightweight RIB with latest modern design.

This model has three versions:
- S420N – BASE version with two wooden seats and oars with oarlocks,
- S420NS – SPORT version with CS-03 SPORT console,
- S420NL – DELUXE version with new set of the consoles: CL-11 – Deluxe steering console with windshield, front seat and seat back, SD-06 – double seat with seat back.


Version S420NL is equipped with the same steering consoles (CL-11 and SD-06) as best selling S370NL, so they are interchangeable. S420NS have the same console as S470S (CS-03), what is also nice.

The most important and strong features for new S420 are:
- Fresh and slim inflatable tube concept with smaller diameter in the bow, but wider and more aggressively lifted up.
- Lots of cockpit space for 4-5 people on boats with comfort
- Larger bow locker with wider bow seat.
- Channel for all the cables under the deck,
- Overpressure valve
- New advanced tripled draining system : “hull to water” + “hull to cockpit” + “cockpit to water”.
- Very easy getting on plane, also with very small motors: 8 - 9.9HP!

Better ergonomic and lighter weight new steering console with:
- Large front seat back, which is an access door to instruments same time
- 3 areas for GPS / fish finder / cup holders installation and designated areas for stereo, radio and speakers installation.
- Enlarged dashboard for more instruments.

Slick looking and lightweight double seat with:
- Negative angled front panel, giving more space for driver’s and passengers feet.
- Removable soft cushion

We expect this model to be a great choice for the following applications:
- light and easy to ride center console family boat for general applications,
- perfect choice for fishing and use with low power tiller models,
- fast riding mid-size sport boat with performance up to 80 km/h.

 Contact your nearest dealer for details and availability status!

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