New optional steering wheel – PERFORMANCE (black).
Steering wheel – is an essential part of the design almost in any vessel. With its help, the pilot drives a vessel, giving it necessary direction. Thus, the presence of a comfortable and stylish steering wheel is obvious. And your boat is not an exception!
We are glad to inform that we have a new steering wheel in the list of available options (code # 2282).  PERFORMANCE steering wheel is characterized not only by its elegant design, but also by its comfortable grip. The latter is especially important for the safety of the pilot and passengers, and for additional comfort and pleasure when operating the boat.
The wheel hub has a cylinder form, center of which is covered by a flat lid with the GRAND logo*.
The surface of the rim is smooth, non-slip and pleasant to the touch.
Three segments of the rim (inside the twin spokes) are decorated with showy porous inserts.

Main technical characteristics:
Rim diameter – 350 mm.
Total number of spokes – 6 (3 pairs of complex-shaped spokes with holes in each).
Material of spokes – anodized aluminum.
Made by Gussi Italia.
PERFORMANCE steering wheel is equally suitable for both hydraulic steering systems and mechanical ones.
The wheel is available for GRAND boats of the upper price range – starting with GOLDEN LINE G500 and above.

Сolors available:
rim color – black
spokes color  – black
hub color   – black.


* –  GRAND logo will be available later