We are delighted to announce our new model – Golden Line G580LF


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As a part of our on-going product development program,. we are delighted to announce the introduction of our new Golden Line G580LF.

This new model sits neatly between two of our current best sellers –the G500LF and G650LF.

Whilst retaining the overall styling concept of the series the G580LF has its own distinctive features:

  • Updated hull and tube geometry based on a synthesis of modern design and ergonomics
  • Dynamic shape contouring with sweeping lines
  • Plenty of storage capacity
  • Optimal weight distribution with steering console and double pilot/passenger seats located centrally within the cockpit.




Computer simulation predicts excellent results in terms of seaworthiness, load capacity and other key parameters including the range of outboards proposed. This has been achieved by combining our proven High Step Hull design with a high deadrise, spectacular contours and attention to detail throughout.

This new model has a contemporary appearance and follows the distinctive corporate identity we are developing throughout the GOLDEN LINE range. In common with all models in the series, the G580LF is equipped with a comprehensive list of standard equipment plus a wide range of options and accessories. These, together with new upholstery combinations will give the boat excellent customer appeal and help create a unique identity.


A number of the pictures used in this G580 presentation show items that are not included as standard equipment or options. Examples include the chart plotter, VHF radio, marine speakers, etc. A complete list of these items is shown in the NOTES Section.  The list of standard and optional equipment is given in the section SPECIFICATIONS AND OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT.

Our traditional standard colors are gray tubes, white GRP and gray upholstery. As with other models in the series, a range of colors is available for the GRP and tubes. Upholstery can also be selected from a wide range and ordered in different color combinations, including two-color. This provides for a diverse range of color combinations and the opportunity to give your boat a highly personalized appearance.

Heavy duty contrasting color stitching along the edge of the cushions adds a further touch of elegance.

Let’s look in more detail at some of the components and the design features of the new model.


At the Bow

Standard equipment includes an attractive bow step plate with antiskid surface (similar to the G500 and G650 models).

The bow step plate incorporates the navigation lights, a pull up stainless steel cleat and anchor roller making it easy to manage the anchor rope and facilitates mooring alongside a pontoon.


The spacious bow seat accommodates 1-2 people and below it is a locker with plenty of room for the anchor, mooring line and other essential items.


The optional sundeck and table kit comprises a three cushion set and a removable table with pedestal. The sundeck cushions create an impressive and comfortable area for two people to sunbath or simply relax whilst the table and pedestal can be easily installed if a picnic is preferred.


The table top (which also forms part of the sundeck) will accommodate two-three people. The table pedestal is simply fitted into a recess in the deck.

Two cup holders are molded into the left side bow seat so passengers can relax in comfort and enjoy a drink during those lovely summer days!

Optional stainless steel bow rails provide an additional safety feature as well as contributing to the elegance of the overall design.


The Central Area

Special attention has been paid to the ergonomically designed (CL-22) steering console especially with respect to seating, instrument panel and effective wind protection. It has a modern, elegant and futuristic shape that we believe owners will particularly appreciate.

You will see that the steering console is tilted slightly backwards, emphasizing the boats spectacular silhouette and providing ample legroom for the pilot and passenger. To the front of the console is a double seat with built in locker below.

Though impressive in size the steering console sits well within the boat’s overall plan. The windscreen glass profile has been designed to afford excellent wind protection for both pilot and passenger and the finishing touch is provided by the stylish stainless steel handrail which is a particularly useful feature when moving around the boat when underway.


The dashboard has plenty of space for a variety of instruments including speedometer, tachometer, fuel level and temperature indicator as well as a chart plotter of up to 8 inches. There is also room for a VHF radio and marine entertainment system. Smartphones and other small items can be securely kept in the lockable glove box to the right of the dashboard.

To the left of the steering wheel are five marine switches with fuses for navigation lights, bilge pump etc.


The console has two options for steering, mechanical as standard, or hydraulic as an option. The console set up is completed with the inclusion of a comfortable and modern steering wheel together with a conveniently positioned pair of cup holders.

Both pilot and passenger seats are adjustable, by means of a flip-up system, to accommodate both seating and standing positions. To the rear of the pilot and passenger seats are two cup holders and to the sides a pair of handrails which will assist passengers when under way. Below the handrails is another spacious locker.


To the Rear

In common with all GRAND boats the G580LF has sufficient capacity for storage and accessories to satisfy even the most demanding users.

Below the comfortable rear sofa style seat is the rear storage compartment. It has plenty of space to accommodate all those “essential items” that seem to find their way onto our boats! The cover is fitted with gas springs for easy access.

The water shower, with integrated fresh water tank makes it easy to wash after swimming in salt water, or to freshen up before an evening’s entertainment.


Marine speakers (up to 6 inches diameter) can be installed in the GRP panels to the side of the rear seat.


The two integrated swimming platforms are both stylish and functional, the portside platform houses the telescoping boarding ladder.

Our unique GRP step ends have large and practical steps in order to facilitate boarding from the stern or after swimming. They also generate a degree of lift and help provide a better ride.

Mooring lines will always be in their place -in the special, port and starboard stern lockers provided.



The SeaDek antiskid flooring package will make your boat more comfortable, warm and safe, besides adding to its individuality.

Moving around the boat or simply being in it will now be an enhanced experience. The aft section looks particularly impressively with SeaDek antiskid surfaces on tube step ends; rear locker covers and integrated swimming platforms.

Using a high factor sun block when on the water is always advisable but to further reduce the risk of sunburn why not include a Bimini top in your boat’s specification? Our tough and reliable mounting system allows the Bimini top to be quickly assembled and removed. Not only is the Bimini top a useful accessory but it will also complement the boats appearance.



 Models  G580LF
 Length overall  cm  585
 ft/inches  19′ 2”
 Length inside  cm  427
 ft/inches  14′ 0”
 Width overall  cm  245
 ft/inches  8′ 0”
 Width inside  cm  145
 ft/inches  4′ 9”
 Tube diameter  cm  50
inches 20”
Bare Boat weight * kg 535
lbs 1177
Transport Boat weight ** kg 650
lbs 1430
Loading capacity *** kg 1200
lbs 2640
Passenger capacity 12
No of chambers 5
Engine recommended HP 130
kW 95,6
Engine max *** HP 150
kW 110,3
Engine weight max kg 240
lbs 528
Engine shaft length inches 20″(long)
Midsection / aft deadrise degrees 20°/ 17°
Stowed dimensions of packageNo1 cm 578
cm 225
cm 117
ft/inches 19′ 0”
ft/inches 7′ 5”
ft/inches 3′ 10”
Stowed dimensions of package No2 cm 143
cm 112
cm 125
ft/inches 4′ 8”
ft/inches 3′ 8”
ft/inches 4′ 1”
Stowed dimensions of package No3 cm 105
cm 62
cm 91
ft/inches 3′ 5”
ft/inches 2′ 0”
ft/inches 3′ 0”
Hull type RIB
Boat design category **** D,C


* -The bare boat weight is the weight of the empty boat without any removable accessories.

** -The transport weight is the weight of a complete boat in standard package.

*** – Because of differences of local boatbuilding standards the Loading capacity and maximum
Engine Power may vary by country. Please check with your local GRAND dealers.

**** -Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU



 Standard equipment
 Inflatable boat with PVC tube, light gray
 Steering console CL-22
 Double seat SD-22
 Bow step plate
 Bow cushion, two cup holders
 Rear reat cushion and seatback
 Fuel system with 91 l tank and send
 Two rear rope hatches
 2 rear st/stcleats, 2 rear waterski towing eyes
 Upgrade to HYPALON tube
 Upgrade to custom gelcoat color
 Upgrade to custom gelcoat color (bottom hull & step ends)
 Grand Luxe package
 Two swimming platforms with ladder
 Electric package NoE5
 Stainless steel bow railing
 Optional equipment
 2 overpressure valves
 Waterski towing/navigation arch, polished
 Waterski towing/navigation arch with GRP top
 Electric package No E6 (for boat with arch)
 Hydraulic steering system 20′
 Steering system for engines 50HP and over + cabel 18′
 Steering wheel SPORT (black)
 Bow removable sundeck set with cushions / table
 Bow removable sundeck extention with cushions
 G580LF keel protector, Package A
 G580LF tube protector, Package B
 SeaDek antiskid set
 Overall cover
 Cover for steering console CL-22
 Cover for Double seat SD-22
 Cover for steering console CL-22, SD-22 & rear seat
 Water shower set incl. pump, 50-lit tank
 Fuel level meter
3-arch collapsible bimini top No4S (st. steel frame)


The list of installed optional equipment on the boat shown includes:

  • Grand Luxe package
  • Waterski towing / navigation arch in polished stainless steel
  • Bow removable sundeck set with cushions and table
  • Bow removable sundeck extension with cushions
  • SeaDek antiskid flooring
  • Water shower set including pump and 50-litre tank
  • Fuel level guage
  • 3-arch collapsible bimini top with stainless steel frame

These pictures show some other items and additional equipment including:

  • Chart plotter
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer, trim level (which are often included together with the outboard)
  • VHF receiver with FM-receiver
  • Marine speaker systems (shown in the aft part of the boat)

For these items see your Dealer for further information and installation.



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