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Our new Golden Line G420: equally at home as a high specification tender or mid-size family runabout.
We are delighted to introduce the new G420, the latest in the Golden Line Series. The design follows the well-established Grand contemporary philosophy with a bright, dynamic appearance and aerodynamic lines.

Whilst filling an important niche in the mid-size luxury tender market this model, with it’s classic layout, performs equally well as a high specification family runabout.
The proven High Step Hull design ensures excellent maneuverability combined with dynamic stability and impressive speed capability.

Safety handrails are fitted as standard on the port and starboard side of the ergonomically designed pilot/passenger seats and steering console. Stainless steel bow rails are also available as an option.

As with all models in the Golden Line Series, the G420 is equipped with a comprehensive list of standard equipment plus a wide range of accessories including a 55 liter built in fuel tank, that will enhance the boat’s range and add to it’s unique individuality.
Despite it’s shorter length, the boat has the same passenger capacity (6 persons) as the larger G480. And this is not the only common feature these boats share. For example they both have a similar internal width (making the G420 really comfortable). Not surprisingly therefore, with a slightly smaller tube diameter, the G420 has a very similar overall width to the G480.
Another valuable feature is the optional 55-liter built-in fuel tank. This option is especially useful when planning long-distance boat trips as the built-in tank has more than twice the capacity compared to the standard portable tank.

In addition the rear deck mounted fuel filler makes refueling much more convenient compared to the need to detach and remove a portable tank from the stern locker. However, if desired using both the built in tank and a portable will significantly increase the boat’s range.
As with the other established models in the Golden Line series, the gel, tubes and upholstery can be selected from a wide range of colors. It is also possible to order upholstery in different color combinations, including two-color in a similar way to other Golden Line models. Contrasting raised stitching at the edges of the seat covers adds a degree of elegance to the overall style.

Thus, the choice of possible color combinations becomes very wide, making it possible to give your boat a highly personalized appearance.
The boat’s comfort and safety can be further enhanced by including the optional SeaDek textured micro-dot flooring for enhanced non-slip characteristics.
Lets take a look at some of the components and design features of this new model.


At the Bow

As a standard feature, there is the traditional bow step plate complete with two mooring cleats. This makes it easy to exit the boat from the bow and a non-slip surface is provided here as an additional safety feature.
As with all our RIBs, there is a built-in seat at the bow with a spacious (for its class) locker for storing the anchor, mooring and other useful items.

By fitting the optional kit is possible to extend the bow seat into a useful sundeck for relaxing or sunbathing. Whilst the G420 sundeck may not be as large as other models in the series it can accommodate those of us with a smaller frame or perhaps our children.



Here special attention has been paid to the ergonomically designed steering console particularly with respect to seating, instrument panel and effective wind protection.
The steering console is essentially the main functional center of the boat. Despite its relatively compact dimensions, the dashboard has an expanded functionality. Below the stylish aero screen it is possible to install a chart plotter with a diagonal of up to nine inches* plus audio entertainment equipment, which will enhance your enjoyment of the boat.
As with all elements of the design, ergonomics has been an important consideration and you will see the dashboard has plenty of space for a variety of instruments including a speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges.
The steering console is tilted slightly backwards, emphasizing the spectacular silhouette of the boat and providing enough space for the pilot’s legs and a number of seated passengers.
To the front of the console there is a built-in single seat with spacious storage space below.

The optimum height profile of the aero screen provides excellent wind protection for the pilot and the stylish stainless steel handrails on the sides of the console is a particularly useful safety feature.
A cup holder is conveniently located in the horizontal plane of the console port side so as to be readily “at hand”.
To the sides of the console, you can install audio speakers with a recommended maximum diameter of 140 – 160 mm (approx. 5.5 – 6.5 inches).
To the left of the steering wheel and conveniently located for the pilot are 3 marine switches complete with fuses. These are part of the optional electrics package which includes:

  • navigation lights and mooring light
  • bilge pump operating in automatic and manual modes
  • horn

It is possible to increase the number of switches from three to five (option).

The stylish and comfortable steering wheel will allow you to manage your boat with pleasure.

The picture shows an updated design of the console, which will be available from 2018.



To the Rear

As in all GRAND boats, provision of ample storage space is important and the G420 model is no exception. This boat has sufficient locker space to store gear and accessories so problems with lack of space should not arise even for the most demanding users.
The aft double seat is both comfortable and functional. The backrest incorporates a V-neck feature providing a rather distinguished appearance, (similar to some supercar designs). The curved stainless handrail to the left of the seat may be especially useful when observing a water skier. A similar handrail is provided on the pilot’s side.
The spacious rear storage compartment, with gas spring, provides plenty of space for accessories, safety equipment and all those other important items that find their way onto our boats!
A water ski towing mast is also available so you can enjoy water skiing or wakeboarding.
A nicely proportioned outboard well completes the stylish look of this new model. The G420 is also equipped with a pair of the latest design fiberglass step ends complementing and emphasizing the innovative design of the boat.



Summarizing all the above, we can safely say that the GOLDEN LINE G420 is really interesting – modern, very spacious, functional, with a “bright” recognizable design.
Despite the fact that the main purpose of the boat is to perform the role as a yacht tender, the G420 performs well as a mid-size family runabout.
With a 60hp outboard (max) performance will be spectacular (in appropriate conditions) allowing you to obtain great pleasure from high-speed trips in this safe, seaworthy and very maneuverable RIB!



Standard equipment
Deep-V fiberglass hull with transom extensions and bow towing eye
Inflatable tube with fiberglass step ends
Bow step plate with two cleats
Steering console CL-24 with windshield, cup holder and side railings
Mechanical steering system with steering wheel
Rear seat cushion and seatback
Two rear seat handrails, two rear cleats
Grand Luxe package
Electric package with navigation lights, bilge pump, electric horn, switches, battery switch and complete wiring
Fuel system with 55l tank and sender
Optional equipment
Bow removable sundeck set with cushions
Stainless steel waterski towing mast
Stainless steel bow rails
Bimini top
Overall cover, console cover
2 overpressure valves
Keel and Tube protection packages
SILVERTEX upholstery upgrade
SeaDek antiskid set



Models G420
Length overall cm 420
ft/inches 13′ 9”
Length inside cm 290
ft/inches 9′ 6”
Width overall cm 200
ft/inches 6′ 7”
Width inside cm 105
ft/inches 3′ 5”
Tube diameter cm 48
inches 19”
Bare Boat weight * kg 255
lbs 1177
Transport Boat weight ** kg 325
lbs 715
Loading capacity *** kg 800
lbs 1760
Passenger capacity 6
No of chambers 4
Engine recommended HP 40
kW 29,4
Engine max HP 60
kW 44,1
Engine weight max kg 120
lbs 264
Engine shaft length inches 20″(long)
Midsection / aft deadrise degrees 20°/ 17°
Stowed dimensions of packageNo1 cm 400
cm 165
cm 115
ft/inches 13′ 1”
ft/inches 5′ 5”
ft/inches 3′ 9”
Stowed dimensions of package No2 cm 110
cm 88
cm 108
ft/inches 3′ 7”
ft/inches 2′ 11”
ft/inches 3′ 7”
Bottom type RIB
Boat design category **** D,C


* -The bare boat weight is the weight of the empty boat without any removable accessories.

** -The transport weight is the weight of a complete boat in standard package.

*** – Because of differences of local boatbuilding standards the Loading capacity and maximum
Engine Power may vary by country. Please check with your local GRAND dealers.

**** -Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU


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