About us

Spending time on the water with family and friends provides some of the most pleasurable and rewarding moments of our lives. Every GRAND is designed and built to provide optimum excitement and the feeling of Luxury, Comfort and Safety no matter where your journey takes you!

For years, GRAND has been building models with the highest level of standards and has become a synonym for Elegance, Reliability and Quality. With an unsurpassed dedication of redeeming excellence and providing satisfaction in every model we build, GRAND is the top choice for offering fun and memorable moments on the water.

Whether you’re cruising in the proximity of your local lake or exploring an isolated anchorage, our satisfaction is when you are on a ride, getting closer in touch with your family and the world around you!

Our factory

Over the past 15 years we have manufactured and developed a highly successful product range. The current catalogue includes craft for professional as well as recreational users including RIBS, foldable boats and canoes together with a comprehensive range of accessories. Our company is now recognized as both a trendsetter and market leader in the field of Inflatable Boats.
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  • G850
  • G750
  • G650
  • G580
  • G500
  • G480GL
  • G420
  • G380
  • G340
RIBs Silver Line
  • S550
  • S420
  • S370NL
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