RIB size choice – tips

So, you have decided to buy a rigid inflatable boat! Congratulations!!! Here are some tips to pay attention to after you have decided on your budget and targeted use. Consider the following aspects, when choosing your boat, size wise:

  • The size of the boat is in direct connection with MAX engine power, MAX passengers & carrying capacity. Consider these three aspects with regard to your needs and desires.
  • Passengers and seating – note that mostly, the MAX passengers capacity and the number of the actual seating places are, in fact, different. First decide how many people you will need to carry and then check how many can fit the RIB.
  • Choosing a yacht tender – make sure that the chosen RIB tender fits into your yacht/sailboat dimensions wise. Pay attention to the maximum loading capacity of the available lifting system and the weight of the RIB.
  • Waterskiing and wakeboarding – keep in mind that your RIB boat should be equipped with at least 25HP engine to be able to effectively tow an average person.
RIB size choice – tips
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