Anchoring a Rigid Inflatable Boat

Generally, rigid inflatable boats are lighter, thus easier to anchor compared to conventional boats. For effective anchoring keep in mind the following tips:

  • ANCHOR TYPE. There are lots of anchor types and all of them are good. But having an inflatable watercraft choose the ones without sharp edges to avoid the tube damage.
  • ANCHOR WEIGHT. Small RIB boats up to 3 m long – 4-5% of the total boat weight. Midsize RIBs from 3 m till 6 m long – around 3% of the total boat weight. Large RIBs of over 6 m long – 1-2% of the total boat weight. But if you are in doubt – choose the heavier one. It will pay it off!
  • CHAIN & ROPE. The chain increases the effectiveness of the anchoring by up to 2 times. For small inflatables it is not necessary(though much preferred), however for the big inflatable boats it is a must. In case of using the rope – just make sure that it’s strong and long enough.
  • BAD WEATHER. In case of anchoring in bad weather (rough waters with strong wind) or when you need to keep your boat fixed in position you may want to use two anchors. It will take a bit more time to set them , but will guarantee a firmer anchoring.
Anchoring a Rigid Inflatable Boat
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