Inflating the tubes

A proper rigid inflatable boat always has a multi-chambered inflatable tube, with each chamber being separated one from another by the inside flexible partitions that require a successive inflation done in the correct order. The general rule says – START FROM THE REAR AND MOVE TO THE BOW – first inflate the rear chambers, then the middle ones(if there are any), and finish inflating the bow section.


  • All the chambers, EXCEPT THE VERY FRONT ONE, should be inflated up until 90% of the nominal pressure! The front chamber should be inflated up until the full nominal pressure!! The inside partitions of the tube are flexible and they will adjust themselves when the last front chamber is inflated to the nominal pressure, automatically equalizing pressure in all other chambers.
  • Pay special attention and properly close all the valves with the plugs, and tight them up without wrap after you’re finished inflating. Without closed plugs the valves will not keep pressure for a long time!
Inflating the tubes
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