Towing a RIB boat / yacht tender

When towing your boat inside the marina, simply attach the rope to the bow ring (towing eye) and go. However, for long-distance cruises in rough seas, it is strongly recommended to bring your dinghy RIB aboard if possible. If towing is necessary, follow these tips for safe towing:

  • Pass the line through the bow towing eye(s), go under the bottom from both sides, and secure the ends to the rear towing eyes.
  • Always connect the tow-line only to the designated towing eyes, avoiding handles, railings, or other equipment not intended for towing.
  • Towing should be done carefully, with continuous observation, in good weather conditions, and at a low speed of up to 10 km/h (5 knots).
  • Use a tow line of sufficient length to maintain at least two boat lengths between the boats.
  • Select a tow line specifically designed for towing, and consult your dealer for advice on the appropriate line for your application (avoid three-strand nylon rope for towing).
Towing a RIB boat / yacht tender
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