Cleaning the inflatable tube

Proper care after a RIB boat is time demanding, but it will definitely pay it off. Doing it properly, especially with the inflatable tubes and the fiberglass rigid hull, will increase the lifespan of the watercraft resulting in less costs for repair or/and replacement. It is not difficult by its nature, however it may not be so obvious sometimes. Here are a few tips:

  • Every time after you take the RIB out of the water, first wash it with freshwater and soap, then rinse it all off and wipe the excess water with a cotton cloth.
  • If the boat is extra dirty – wash it with cleaning chemicals specifically made for cleaning PVC or Hypalon, using a soft cellular sponge that will not damage the inflatable tube.
  • Wash and scrub your boat gently, applying adequate amount of force – extra active scrubbing can harm the tubes as it’s sensitive to abrasion, as well as the gelcoat by the way.
  • Dry the boat after you wash it or as soon as possible – if your RHIB stays wet and stores like that(especially in warm places) the humidity can cause problems with wooden elements, lamination, painting, anodizing, fabrics etc.
  • Never leave the boat to dry under strong direct sunlight, especially when the tubes are inflated to the maximum pressure – always deflate it, leaving some pressure inside just to keep the form.
  • Do not use any solvents, acids or other chemicals not intended for cleaning PVC or Hypalon inflatable tubes – it will damage it and terminate the warranty.
Cleaning the inflatable tube
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