Electric & electronics care

There is only one main problem for all kinds of electric equipment that can damage it – the corrosion. Although most of the electric parts and equipment used in the marine industry are corrosion-resistant, the contacts are extremely sensitive even to the smallest stains, and this problem is even more serious when we deal with the salt waters. So, the maintenance of the electrics and electronics is sort of obvious:

  • Keep all the contacts as dry as possible – put all the cables into the protective looms.
  • Check all the cable headers and connectors for corrosion and clean it if something appears.
  • Check the battery clamps – dry, clean and tight them up.
  • Open and clean the navigation lights, check the bulbs and change if it’s the time(once in every season), close and make sure they are watertight.
  • Check the fuse holders and every single fuse and if needed – change then(recommended to do it once in every season).
  • Cover the electronics(e.g. screens) with the supplied covers and stick to the maintenance recommendations of your electronics dealer.
  • Keep the boat covered with an overall or at least harbour cover.
Electric & electronics care
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