Wooden parts care

All the wooden elements such as benches, floorboards and tables on the proper inflatable boats, are all made of special marine grade plywood(or wood), that are resistant to the influence of the water as the layers of ply are glued together with water-resistant resins. All of them are usually additionally covered with the marine paint, varnish or laminate, that give an extra resistance and serve as a sort of a protective & decorative coating for the wood.

With a regular plywood, if this protective coating was damaged or cracked due to accidents, or just worn over the time, and now lets the water in – it will cause the wood to quickly swell. But the marine grade materials will give you some time to notice it before the damage is done so that you could take care of it by repairing the damages. Tips for repair:

  • Inspect the condition of all wooden parts at the end of a season, and mark all the damaged places.
  • Leave all the damaged parts to dry somewhere in a well-ventilated and dry place.
  • Grind the damaged place and adjacent area with emery paper.
  • Paint all the damaged spots with 2-3 layers of marine paint.

For painting it’s better to use two-component polyurethane paints, as they are the strongest and most wear-resistant.

Wooden parts care
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