Our main plant in the city of Kharkiv on the north-east of Ukraine has nearly unlimited potential to grow in new production rooms and for the past couple of years we have expanded and built new facilities covering around 12 000 sqm of working area there.

But nowadays, when you cannot trust your neighbors, in order to protect and preserve the GRANDs legacy and make sure that nothing will happen to the brand, our intellectual property, our products and our service, we have taken the expansion matter to a whole new level.

We have bought a new territory on the very far east of Ukraine, in the city of Lviv with already existing buildings & facilities of 5000 sqm in total and the potential to be extended and built up to the same 12 000 sqm as in Kharkiv. This new plant is 1000km/600miles away from the front line and it is very shortly to be launched for production of our RIBs.

Right now we are finishing the renovation works there and in the meantime the main plant in Kharkiv, without interruption from the production, is preparing the duplicates for all the RIBs’ molds and accessories to be delivered to Lviv and started to be built up into the trucks & containers with your orders. We have seconded to the new factory some of our most experienced staff to hire new employees, teach them how to build proper RIBs and to maintain the same quality control we take pride in.

The main reason we have taken this step was to protect ourselves and have a plan B. Now with these 2 plants we feel as secure and safe about the future of our brand as possible! But apart from this very main reason, the new facilities in the city of Lviv will also improve logistics in many aspects for us, which in its own way will positively affect the delivery time for our boats.

Stay tuned for more.

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