Please welcome our new flagship – the D950 commercial RIB boat and a new member of the Drive versatile and functional RHIB boats line.

Developed in Ukrainian & Swedish design partnership, it is a professional large inflatable boat built to suit various commercial and work purposes such as taxi, sightseeing, diving, fishing, patrol and service. A widely customizable deck layout ensures fitting within your targeted area and the most ergonomic use of space.

A two-stepped high-performance deep-V hull, up to 700HP and optional twin engine installation granting it 60+ knots, twin fuel tanks, certified for offshore navigation with up to 14 passengers capacity, a durable work boat build and lots of storage room. All that makes D950 a highly practical, usable and applicable fast RIB boat.

Check it out here and discover various business opportunities, or find your own way and customize it for recreational boating.

New RIB boat model release – D950

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