Following the modernization of the Golden Line G340 RIB in 2021, today our little family of 3 to 4 meters luxury yacht tenders welcomes the long awaited G380N model – the upgraded middle sister completing the whole range.

Inspired by consistency, continuity and traditions the G380N now has the same style and forms, standard features and options with same mission and application versatility as our latest G340N and timeless G420.

Remaining lightweight at just 180kg, this modern rigid inflatable tender boat has a better balance and performance, more room and comfort, boosted power of up to 50HP outboard, spacious dashboard for up to 7” screen and more functional options, all of which also improve its independent RIB boat potential.

Check it out here or at your local dealer’s showroom, as it is already available throughout our extensive distributors-dealers network.

New RIB boat model release – G380N

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