If you’re reading this that means you have already checked the new website out - you are on it right now.

Our company started its journey over 20 years ago, back in 2001. With that much time dedicated to something you can’t help but have to face new times, new trends and the urge to adapt. For almost two decades our website has been introducing people to luxury leisure boating and of course we hope to keep doing that for at least the next two decades with this upgraded, much lighter, modern and easy to navigate, version of our website.

There is still plenty of work ahead, but striving to perfection, one can never be enough, right? So today, while many of our customers are upgrading their Grand RIBs to bigger and newer ones, we are “upgrading” ourselves and opening a new page in our web history.

Stay tuned and follow our re-integration into the social media world (Facebook and Instagram), subscribe and check out the news coming out here and on the other news web resources, visit the boat shows we are taking part in and of course – be better!

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