After more than 200 days of absence due to our unwavering resistance against the aggressor, we are happy to announce that we are coming back to the social media world.

Needless to say that behind all the photos and videos we share with you, there are years of experience and hard work, but right now, it is also the true courage that stands behind our boats!

We are thrilled to inform you that we are up and running. We resumed the factory, gained the needed tempo and stabilized all the production and supply processes, which has let us reach 90% of the prewar production power as per today. We are not considering quitting and we will be here – building, delivering and showcasing our boats in hopes to inspire you.

Once again, thank you all for the provided support, you DO inspire us to keep rolling! You are the best community and audience ever.

Stay tuned and follow us on social media.

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