Introducing new website features

Welcome et bienvenue, to the freshly updated Grand Inflatable Boats website🎉

Got to admit that we were, perhaps, too much excited about all the new features on the website, which we're going to talk through in a bit, that we just couldn't help but had to launch it now. So please, be kind to us, as some things might not be as "polished" as we wanted them to be, including the different language versions.

First things first. Introducing multilingualism to our website may seem somewhat delayed, but we are happy to announce that the first new version - version française, of the site is already up and running - just click on the switch in the upper right corner of the page and voilà. The job is not yet finished and some things might need further polishing, but we have faith that it will already be helpful to our French audience. It's worth saying that, obviously, we are not going to stop at the French version and we are going to develop multilingualism further on. Spanish, German, Swedish and other languages are to be added in the future.

Secondly, although many might say this is even more important, we have upgraded the core of our website, which allowed us to a) improve cybersecurity, b) increase website speed, and с) implement new features and improve the old ones. Long story short the website stayed the same🤣

To be serious though, it's same but different...

Long we suffered from poor adaptability... Now's enough! Updated core allowed us to highly upgrade that feature, so now, regardless what browser or device (phone, PC, or tablet) you are reading this from, hopefully🙏 all the pages should be all fine and beautiful without any major adaptability problems, which includes descriptions, new photo galleries, tables, contacts and etc.

In its turn, this also slightly changed the looks of the website, which in our opinion should also be noted as "new feature", and made it somewhat wider & bigger allowing better immersion into its content.

Multiple new pages have been created for convenience of browsing, including a very cool one that allows you to actually do a proper comparison of the boats you choose. Just click here, click on the pop-up button "compare" while the RIB is highlighted, and then go to the "compare" tab that should have appeared in the lower right corner of the page. Cool, isn't it?😉 *Don't forget to hit the "remove all products" button before leaving - otherwise that "compare" tab will chase you wherever you go next

What else do we have? We're definitely missing on something, but let's call that a surprise for you to explore😊

Overall, this should be it for now and we are once again promising you to go the extra mile and make all the improvements the soonest. Keep chasing perfection is the only way, right?

Website updates - multilingualism and more

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