Your repair kit

A repair kit is a very important thing for rigid inflatable boats that you should always have with you when going boating and it typically would consists of:

  • A set of patches of different sizes – you get some with a boat itself as a part of the maintenance kit and usually you will get some more from your dealer. You should be enough of 10-15 different patches. Be sure that the patches you have are made of the same material as your boat (PVC or HYPALON)
  • A two-component glue (100ml set) – appropriate for the type of the inflatable tube your RIB boat is made with(PVC or HYPALON). Make sure it is not outdated and unopened.
  • A small polyethylene cap (approx. 50ml) – for preparing a glue mixture. 1-2 mid-size acid brushes. Small scissors, a knife or razor blades. Waterproof sandpaper and masking tape.

These items should be enough to quickly repair the inflatable tube in case it’s been damaged in the most inconvenient time.

Your repair kit
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