Safety on the water

Boating is fun indeed. But you must always remember that your life, the lives of your passengers and other people around are somewhat at risk. So here are a few common tips that will help you to avoid problems and enjoy your boating time:

  • Keep out of the swimming, diving and commercial used areas – usually they are marked up this way or another.
  • Be extra attentive and careful around people swimming, these could also be your own passengers, and floating divers buoys with “DIVER UNDER WATER” flags – do not approach them with your engine running.
  • Driving a powerful RIB speed boat ALWAYS wear the engine emergency stop lanyard on your hand.
  • Driving a fast inflatable boat at high speeds keep all your passengers seated on the actual seating places or inside the cabin(if there is one) – do not let them seat on the inflatable tubes or the deck, especially not at the bow.
  • Do not make any sudden and sharp turns without announcing it to the passengers in advance.
Safety on the water
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