In-water boat storage

During the vacation time or the boating season in general, most of the boat owners prefer to keep their RIBs in the marina on the water 24/7. This way your inflatable watercraft is ready to go at any moment. However, leaving the boat on the water for a continuous period of time also means nurturing it by means of the following extra actions:

  • Secure the RIB to a berth or marina pontoon every time you leave it – you might want to learn some easy and effective marine knots.
  • If it’s a simple, mid size / small inflatable boat or a dinghy with a fuel canister, don’t leave it and take it with you as you leave.
  • Always cover the RIB with an overall cover to protect it from the heavy rain, UV radiation, etc, especially in hot regions.
  • If you don’t have an overall cover, or it’s a big inflatable boat and not such a hot region, at least use the harbour or console cover to protect the equipment and documents.
  • In hot regions, leaving the boat under the hot sun, you might want to release some pressure from the inflatable tube in order not to risk its integrity due to the seams damage from the extreme thermal pressure increase.
  • Large RIB boats with self-bailing cockpit should have the deck plugs opened. Small RIB boats without self-bailing cockpit – closed plugs.
  • Lift and tighten the engine.
In-water boat storage
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