Indoor & winter storage

For indoor storage – whether it is for the whole winter or just for a couple of weeks, you should keep your inflatable watercraft in a clean and dry place so it is not affected by major temperature fluctuations and other conditions.

There is no need to disassemble the boat for a short stay, especially if it’s a simple small dinghy boat, and in fact, the inflatable tubes should be still partly inflated. However, in case of a luxurious center console RIB, with lots of soft seatings, you might want to store the cushions, wood, or any textile parts, separately, so that these parts would not accumulate moisture, even if it’s a relatively short stay.

However winterizing, requires a more thorough approach:

  • Clean and dry the boat, including the seat cushions and any plywood components.
  • Completely drain all water from the hull and bilge compartment.
  • Disconnect and remove the battery.
  • Grease all metal moving parts and connections, including steering.
  • Properly close the fuel system to avoid any vapour leaks.
  • If possible let the air to circulate inside the boat, a breathable overall cover will help.
  • Avoid sharp folds on the tube material.
  • Store the boat away from rodents.
  • Do regular inspections of all the above(once in 1-2 months).
Indoor & winter storage
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