Overall cover

A proper boat storage is an especially important matter for rigid inflatable boats. As previously stated, RIB boats do require a more delicate and careful approach in maintenance, so when it comes to what to cover your boat with, know that this question is actually the first one to take care of.

With inflatable boats it is not only about keeping the boat dry and clean, but most importantly about protecting the inflatable tube from UV radiation, chemicals, abrasion and other damages. Take care to get an overall cover when you will be purchasing the craft from your boat dealer – every respectable RIB boat brand should have it as optional or even standard equipment, especially if you are located in countries with hot climates!

However, if your boat has been additionally customized with the extra equipment coming NOT from your inflatable boat manufacturer, you may need to have a custom cover made locally by your dealer, yourself or third party. Which is why the below tips could be useful for you:

  • The cover should be designed to protect the whole upper and half of the side surfaces of the tube, plus the cockpit.
  • Use only the high-quality fabrics for the cover with a high stability of its color agent – fabrics with poor quality color agent can soil the boat horribly with no chance to clean it off.
  • The fabric of the cover should be water-tight, but breathable – non-breathable fabrics lead to high concentration of water vapor that could be harmful to parts and equipment.
  • All the edges and corners of the cover should be additionally reinforced.
  • Use high quality fixings that will hold the cover tightly on the tube – this is especially important if you use the cover transporting the boat on a trailer on the highway.
  • Choose the color out of practicality considerations over personal preference, considering the average temperature in your region – don’t go for a white as it will get dirty easily, choose between tones of grey and black(if your region is not too hot.
Overall cover
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