Buying a RIB check list

After you have reached out to your local inflatable boat dealer and made a purchase, now you are either expecting the handover in the nearest time, or your Grand RIB has already been delivered to you. In most cases, nowadays, you would be receiving your boat fully built – with all the electronics and the engine ready, and the tubes inflated. However, there are somewhat obvious but important things to do after you have received your boat:

  • Make sure it meets all the specifications you have requested and if all the equipment and options are present or included in the boat package.
  • Check it for the transportation damages on the inflatable tubes, the fiberglass rigid hull and accessories, the upholstery and all the removable parts(e.g. sundeck), and in case there are any – kindly make some pictures and address them to your dealer.
  • Once you have the boat in your disposal, before operating your inflatable watercraft, first read the User’s Manual very attentively.
  • Make sure your boat has life vests, oars, mooring ropes, foot pump and other parts maintenance of kit supplied.
  • Take care of the boat’s registration and obtain a watercraft driver license according to your local rules and laws.
Buying a RIB check list
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