Finding a dealer

Looking for inflatable boats for sale near you? – Welcome!

Grand Inflatable Boats are effectively distributed through a wide network of Authorized Distributors and, in some cases – Local Dealers, and are represented in over 40 countries all over the world. Finding where to buy RIB boat generally means to find a dealer or distributor and it is as easy as it is to just to click here, choose your country and follow the contacts in the pop-up window.

However, please note that not all of our Authorized Distributors deal with direct sales. Some Distributors in big marine countries often work through their own network of dealers, letting those local dealers focus on the customer service while they focus on continuous import. Sometimes, after following the contacts from the pop-up window, you will first need to reach the Distributor out through email or phone call, and after that you will be redirected to your inflatable boat dealer nearby.

Another way to find your local dealer is to contact us through the contact form on any page of this website, or by just writing us a message on Facebook, or Instagram. We will be happy to help you.


Only the Local Dealers and Distributors will be able to advise you on the prices and lead times of Grand RIBs. The prices may vary depending on your location, availability, general market climate and local regulations. The shapes, specs and colors of our inflatable boats may also vary from country to country as it depends on local traditions and general availability. Our international sales team of the most experienced marine professionals, will effectively help you to obtain all the needed information about rigid hull inflatable boats as such, get valuable advice, learn about the prices and availability.

Finding a dealer
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