Outboard motor & power

Choosing an inflatable boat with motor, the second question you will face, right after you decide on the size of the boat, is the question of the appropriate engine. Overall the concept is simple – a RIB has its MAX POWER(Pmax), that you cannot exceed, and its RECOMMENDED POWER, going too much below which doesn’t make too much sense. But that gap in between is where the consideration happens, because neither the 1st nor the 2nd doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it like that. Thus, below we will take a look at the most typical options:

ECONOMICAL – chosen engine power is up to 60% from the Pmax. This is the option to be made out of economy, safety and care considerations. With such an engine choice the boat will be slow when fully loaded, but will perform up to 60-70% of maximum speed when it’s lighter. Obviously that positively affects your own and your passengers’ safety, slows down the wear out of your RIB and kinda makes it a cheap inflatable boat with a cheaper outboard engine and lower upkeep costs.

OPTIMAL – chosen engine power is around 80% from Pmax. With this option you have a high safety boating, reasonable fuel consumption, nearly maximum performance(the difference of 10% from the maximum is not sensible at all, if you are not a racer), and the optimal lifespan of your inflatable watercraft. This way the boat shows its the best way and this is what we recommend you to go for.

EXTREME – chosen engine power is 100% from Pmax. Choosing it you need to know that your RHIB boat will work at the edge – the edge of everything: safety, performance etc. Most of the time, it should be the way for racing and adrenaline enthusiasts. It’s a great option, but it requires an experienced driver to handle the boat!

We do not recommend to go for an engine less than 50% of the Pmax just as well as we do not recommend to exceed the Pmax. With 1st you will have a very poor performance and the 2nd is just illegal and irresponsible – it puts you in danger, terminates your warranty coverage and potentially leads to the laws problems.

Outboard motor & power
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