Final check before the start

At last, everything is ready to go. Spare a moment for a final check up of your semi-rigid! It’s always better to recognize a problem on the shore than during the ride, when it can be too late. So, before you start, please make a final check and make sure of the following:

    – There’s no storm warning and the weather forecast is overall positive
    – Wind and waves are not too strong for you as a helmsman and your boat in general
    – If anybody can not swim and for all the passengers to have a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – life vest, on them
    – All the passengers know how to operate a RHIB boat in general, and at least one of them must be able to do it well
    – Everybody has appropriate clothes for boating, which corresponds with the current weather conditions, as it is always colder on the water than on the coast
    – The luggage does not impede anybody from moving around the cockpit, it is stored and secured inside a dry compartment or if necessary, protected with the cover against water sprays and rain
  3. THE BOAT:
    – The pressure inside the inflatable tube is nominal, and all the valves are closed with caps tight
    – There are no defects/damages on your boat, especially in the transom area
    – You have the oars (paddles), an inflation pump and a repair kit with you
    – Engine clamps are tightened and the engine is attached to the transom with the safety lanyard
    – You have at least two ENGINE STOP SWITCH LANYARDS with you – the main and a spare one
    – The engine is served, inspected and ready to go
  5. FUEL
    – Fuel and oil tanks are full. *ATTENTION! In case of a distant trip, the amount of the fuel you take with you should be enough for a double distance – to the place of destination and to turn back in case of emergency. Stock up extra canisters with you in case of the not enough volume of the main tank.
    – All the fuel tanks you have are firmly fixed and secured in the cockpit
    – Fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel pump and connectors are in good condition without ANY FUEL LEAKS
    – You have your boating license and boat documents on you
    – You have a marine map of your boating area (if necessary).
Final check before the start
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