An anticipated release of new RIB boat coming as a mid-size cruiser update to our Golden Line series.

Golden Line G680 will, if not fully but partly, replace our good old bestselling RIB model – the G650. A thorough design made it extra spacious and comfortable, while its modern styling aligns it with the rest of the range maintaining Golden Line`s DNA.

The G680 has already been on display at Cannes Yachting Festival, Southampton boat show and La Rochelle boat show, and we now have some feedback on how it feels.

When you first set your eyes upon the G680, both ourselves and our customers think it’s more like a boat over 7m! It’s very spacious internally and is particularly feature rich.” Dan Arscott, Sales Manager at Grand Boats UK said.

It is very surprising to have all those features in under 7m boat actually. This will be especially beneficial for rental companies in our region.” Anthony Cariano, Managing Director at Grand Boats France said.

Both, the UK and France remarked that G680 will be the most probable upgrade for the Grand owners who currently have Golden Line G650, as it has almost all the same features as Golden Line G750(except of the marine head, B-category, bigger capacity, power and etc.), but is still compact.

We, in our own turn, can only agree to that and add that it was a part of our plan actually. We built it to have a more modern and classy alternative to the old G650(although we believe it will still find its audience, especially with a few little updates we recently had to complement its length of service), and at the same time to have all the same features, but in smaller proportions, as alternative to the G750, for those who actually need their vessel compact.

But let’s get back to the facts now, shall we. So, apart from being a great leisure watercraft, the G680 is actually expected to do an especially great job in rental business, and also to have a strong potential in the big yachts tender market, for a good reason. Compact, reliable(reinforced and little extra heavy) and ergonomic fiberglass body, 200HP outboard, freely seats 12 people with great comfort – all that provides charter companies’ and super yachts’ owners with the required capacity and economical size. Assisted by large sundecks and rich options such as refrigerator-freezer and sink with faucet, and accompanied by a multiple speaker points, including the ones in the hard-top, family charter cruises or simple transfers and run abouts promise to be extra comfortable, relaxing and truly memorable.

It is already up on our website, although the real life pictures will follow a little bit later, and it’s available for acquaintance and ordering throughout our wide distributors’ network. Don't forget to check out the detailed presentation here.

New RIB boat model release – G680

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